From Blah to Bold: Winning Font Combinations to Level-Up Your Website

Both Lato and Merriweather have a strong and sturdy appearance, which makes them extremely readable. Not only that, but they feel more welcoming — as if the page is a journey worth undertaking and not just a reading chore that one needs to slog through. Both Fira Sans and PT Serif are designed for great readability and legibility. Once you have a good sense of which fonts are the best to use, you have to come up with a killer combination. One of the reasons why serifs are heavily preferred in literature and newspapers is because of legibility.

  • The same goes for Century Gothic; it has a certain style to it that, for whatever reason, just seems to compliment PT Serif perfectly.
  • Unlike script fonts, which link each letter to the next, display fonts are usually used for headings or displays.
  • Great for logos, packaging designs, or even greeting cards, there are a lot of projects you can complete with this one.
  • You can use Palanquin with many different weights and heights and make it look fantastic because it is a flexible typeface.
  • It is about the impression it will make when printed on a page.
  • Just make sure you use Montserrat Extra Light for smaller segments of text (like subheadlines or short paragraphs) so it doesn’t become a challenge to read.

Repeat your font choices as often as you can, and only when something does not work in a given situation, add a new style. This way you create consistency, which will make your design clearer, and help your audience understand what you mean by it. Don’t just use different styles for “fun” or to show off how many cool fonts you have. It will end up confusing people and leave a messy impression. The following rule of thumb should apply when designing content for magazine spreads and other editorial designs.

of the Best Free Fonts You Should Download

The best thing about superfamilies is that they take the guesswork out of finding complementary fonts because they were designed with compatibility in mind. These and many other fonts and their combinations create personalities for designs so that the target audience can get the brand message immediately. Remember that the designers choose fonts from major categories and combine them to target audiences with a message. Learning to combine fonts effectively is an important stepping stone in a designer’s education, and one that should continuously be refined and improved upon.

Lato has the same perfect finish but is not as bold as the Wendy one. A very unique and interesting font style, with its Didone style serifs and bold lettering, Abril FatFace really grabs your attention. When pairing it, you must have something subtle and clean like Roboto, which is a sans serif style font. Another excellent website to choose the best fonts is Fonts In Use.

General Combination Rules

When you need to place a piece of text in a small space, you can adjust the size, caps, spacing, and height to keep it readable. If you need a refresher on which are the best fonts for websites, check out our guide. PT Sans and PT Serif are one of those sister fonts that were meant to be paired together. What’s more, both fonts come with extended character sets, so they work really well on multilingual websites translated into Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabets.

How to Choose the Winning Font Combination

They can blend well, but they shouldn’t be hard to distinguish from one another. A rugged gothic serif font, for instance, wouldn’t work well with an uber-feminine cursive font. When you add this extra layer of complexity to the mix, things can get tricky.


Try using the font with your color palette to really see it come to life. Here, we have another great sans serif + serif typeface combination, but this time we’ve got Century Gothic and PT Serif. Loaded with 1 didone and 4 sans serifs, the Fashion Exquisite Font Duo bundle definitely packs a punch. Perfect for those going for upscale branding campaigns, this pick is elegant and easy to experiment with, making it a fantastic choice for marketing leaders. It should convey your brand identity and appeal to your target audience. Compare your logo font to competitors and check if it makes a unique statement.

How to Choose the Winning Font Combination

Therefore, designers must pick a few fonts carefully as per specific requirements, even when typing generators produce a lot of fonts in bulk. The best part about learning how to pick fonts is the creative opportunity it provides. Mixing and matching typefaces can be a lot of fun and help bring life to projects. Here we’re using Open Sans in the header, along with Lato in the body copy, another sans serif typeface. They’re easy to read in small and large font sizes, making them ideal for both body copy and headers. In most designs, you’ll be using one web typeface for the headline and another for the body.

Similarly, for instance, use slab fonts with script fonts to create appealing designs. This is because slabs are the types of serif fonts that have block-like projections at the end of the letters. Whereas, script fonts link each letter to the next one and are usually preferred for display or headings.

Oswald still takes on a dominant role, though in this case, it feels more authoritative than demanding. And it needs to be with Old Standard’s small textbook-style font. There’s a showman-type feel with these two fonts choosing fonts for website paired together. You have the tall and trim Oswald header looming over the lighter Montserrat text below it. It feels like someone stepping onto a stage to make an announcement while a hush comes over the crowd below.